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Dental Assistant. The above is a sample you will be able to ADD your own text be it, DA, CDA, RDA, EFDA, LDA, or DAQEF

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(Artist concept Dentistry logo) the actual dental insignia was adopted by the American Dental Association (ADA Logo Has Been Changed) in November 1965 as the official emblem of dentistry. The design uses as its central figure a serpent entwined about an ancient Arabian cautery in the manner of the single serpent of Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine, coiled about a rod. The Greek letter (delta), for dentistry, and the Greek letter (omicron), for odont (tooth) form the periphery of the design. In the background of the design are 32 leaves and 20 berries, representative of the permanent and temporary teeth. The suggested colors for the insignia are: the background, a shade of lilac-the official academic color of dentistry; the Greek letter Delta in gold; the Greek letter Ο (omicron) black; the cautery in gold outlined in black, and the leaves, berries and serpent merely outlined in black on the lilac background. The National Association of Dental Faculties in 1897 chose the color lilac as the profession's major color. The color trims dental schools' graduation gowns and caps and may be found in dental banners, emblems, insignia, signs, symbols and publications.

Throughout the organizational world—from finance to healthcare to education—job titles are in a state of flux, as they reflect rapid changes in employment, influenced by social, technological, economic, and global issues. Whereas once a job title was a fairly accurate representation of the work performed, titles are becoming more individualized and disconnected from responsibilities, creating confusion and fragmentation within and between professions.

In the healthcare environment, patients expect that certain titles reflect qualifications that are overseen by professional boards. However, in many cases, dental assistants have titles and responsibilities that may be fully comprehended only by other dental assistants—and most likely only those working in the same state, as functions differ across state lines. Patients, colleagues, and even policy makers may not understand the nuances between these titles, which is a challenge for dental assistants as they work to effect change. Research Resource Info:
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