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Explore the list below click on the link provided view the product. If you see a product you like and are not sure if your image or design will fit properly contact me at   Bill requesting help Click here  There is no charge for the service
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  Zazzle's newest product: Fabric!

  Helpful Link

The designs below are artist concept flags (printed on one side) can be used for display, banner, meeting or political event.
    Fabric: Combed Cotton (56"X36")
1700 1800 style flag
 Fabric: Combed Cotton (56"X36")
Tribute to All American Military Veterans

Fabric: Combed Cotton (56"X36")
  Fabric: Combed Cotton (56"X36")
  America the spirit is not forgotten.   Tribute Disabled American Veterans    

There are 7 fabric types from Zazzle, we have selected 2  Combed Cotton and Polyester Poplin because they are the least expensive of the 7 offered by Zazzle. We are not in the embroidery business so most products you view in our stores will be banners, flags and holiday events. Fat quarters Combed Cotton (28"x18") Polyester Poplin (30"x18") (Price range Fat Quarter around $9.95 and  $13.95 )  they will be designed for place mats, bandanna, election specials, etc. 

Zazzle set up for ordering fabric is little confusing if you want one of our designs on a special event or need a little help if I can't then I will get you to the right person to help you.
Contact Bill at subject Requesting Help

 Fabric: Combed Cotton (56" X 36") Price Range $22.00 per yard

Combed Cotton Combed Cotton is a lightweight cloth that is easy to work with. This versatile fabric is perfect for sewing projects including quilting and appliqué.

Content: 100% cotton Stretch: None Weight: 3.82 oz per square yard Shrinkage: 1%
Suitable for: Quilting, appliqué, and crafts
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Separately, Cold Water, Gentle Cycle, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Heat, Cool Iron
Print Technique: A direct print process that uses colorfast, pigment inks. Our state-of-the-art finishing process produces beautiful fabric prints with great clarity and a soft finish that will not fade over time or
in the wash.

Fabric: Polyester Poplin (60" x 36")  Price Range $28.00 per yard

Polyester Poplin Polyester Poplin is a durable fabric with a beautiful draping quality. This fabric is wrinkle-resistant and durable, making it great for home and craft projects.
The tight weave of this fabric and sublimation printing provides a vibrant and crisp print quality.

Content: 100% polyester Stretch: None
Weight: 6.62 oz per square yard
Shrinkage: 1%
Suitable for: Home décor accents, upholstery, totes.
Care Instructions: Machine Wash Separately, Cold Water, Gentle Cycle, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Heat, Cool Iron
Print Technique: A heat transfer printing process that uses colorfast, water-based inks to achieve bold prints with superior clarity. This sublimation technology embeds the ink into the fabric, ensuring the vibrancy of your designs will not fade over time or in the wash.

Digital Printing Fabrics

Digital printing services allow you to produce digital prints on substrates like paper, polyester and cottons. Using this technology, you can create specialty fabrics and complimentary products. With focus on digitally printing your designs onto our tested and approved fabrics. The only limitation is your imagination. Because of the size of the large fabric you will require 300dpi image for a large design.

Combed Cotton 56" x 36" Yard. 16836px × 10836px. Combed Cotton 28" x 18" Fat Quarter. 8403px × 5403px .

Polyester Poplin 60" x 36" Yard. 17976px × 10800px. Polyester Poplin 30" x 18" Fat Quarter. 9003px × 5403px


In addition to Zazzle's fabric announcement,  they made it easier to create a tiled pattern from a single image, or even multiple images and text elements (yes, you can even tile text).

Tile Effect
Formerly known as "Photo Montage" is an exciting and evolving feature here that allows you to get truly creative and wacky with your photos. "Tile Effect" slices your photo into smaller tiles that you can then adjust in tilt, number, border size, and border color. These small snapshots can be enlarged, shrunk down, rotated, and moved anywhere on the photo. There are so many fun options in this feature that you can really take your photos to the outer limits and back!

Tile images to not have to be as large as the entire full yard. you will have to upload your design then adjust the tile size you want

 Templates you can use
 Fabric_Combed_Cotton 56" x 36" Yard  Combed Cotton 28" x 18" Fat Quarter 

 Fabric Polyester Poplin 60" x 36" Yard  Polyester Poplin 30" x 18" Fat Quarter

Available as swatches, fat quarters, or by the yard.
Fabric widths vary by fabric type. See fabric type product details.
Fabrics by the yard print on 10 continuous yards.
Customize a design from our design community or create your own!
Printed with non-toxic inks.
Amount of selvage on each piece of fabric will vary.
Disclaimer: Zazzle fabrics are not suitable for children’s sleepwear, crib use, or bedding.

(If you would like more information about Zazzle Fabrics please follow link. Learn more about each fabric type.)

 We don't sell products we offer our designs on other companies products such as Zazzle,  Spreadshirt, Fine Art America and Cafepress.Your Cost to create our design images are between $150.00 and $500.00, set up fee $40.00 cost on Zazzle Spreadshirt Fine Art America and Cafepress "FREE!" Why? Because you don't have to pay for our services.

Images and text are for your personal use only. Can not be sold, reproduced or distributed without written permission of W. Campitelle Copyright 2005-2015 Bill.. Comment or Suggestion

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